Foreign Language Department

Head of the Department: Végh-Rupert Éva

Mechanical and Electronics Department

Head of the Department: Kováts Róbert

Our department is responsible for the theoretical and practical training and education of the engineering profession.

During the years of study, our primary goal is to prepare our students for graduation. After graduation the technician year(s) start, where we only offer professional lessons that meet the requirements of the OKJ.

Starting in the 2013/2014 school year for the 9th and 13th grades, the education program begins with the new 2012 OKJ curriculum for the professions of manufacturing and mechatronical technologies. In the new schedule there is an equal amount of time for theoretical and practical courses. In the modules, you can find classical courses such as mechanics, machine parts, and mechanical drawings. There are also the modern branches of engineering, such as CNC- technique, CAD applications, mechanotrics, and robotics.

The new curriculum also specifies the need for coherent professional training, which we hold at our institution and in other accredited training places outside the school.

We have a lot of tasks at hand, but that’s only natural since our town and nearby companies require more and more well-trained professional engineers.

Information Technology Department

Head of Department: Varga Ildikó

This department is responsible for the practical and theoretical education of the subjects that are required for electronics and information technology. Currently, we have one electronic, three information technology, and two engineering classes. However, from the 2014/2015 school year, this will change. We will still have only one electronics class, but we will have two information technology and three engineering classes. One of the information technology classes is also a bilingual class.

After graduation, students can stay and apply for extra courses in order to get an OKJ qualification. They can get the following qualifications: Electronics Technican; CAD-CAM I.T. Expert; I.T. System Administrator; Automation Technican; Manufacturing Technican; and Mechatronics Technican)

The more important tasks of our department:

  • The (NAT-certified) teaching of General Information Technology (Even in the engineer classes)
  • The teaching of the optional Graduate Subjects (I.T. and electronics basics, both theoretical and practical)
  • The theoretical and practical teaching of the OKJ qualification’s professional subjects
  • The holding of the graduation exams and the OKJ’s professional exams
  • Preparing students for professional educational competitions
  • The holding of the Coherent Professional Trainings. (The 13th graders have 4 weeks of professional training after the end of the school year, and thanks to the new educational reform, those in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades will have 2 trainings over 3 weeks from the start of this year)
  • Administrative duties (eg. the modification of the Teaching Program; form teacher, and notary duties)
  • Communicating with the Public Awareness Department.

Mathematics and Natural Science Department

Head of the Department: Szlavikovics Anna

Physical Education and Group Sports Department

Head of the Department: Szilassy László

Our department is responsible for the following subjects:

Sport subjects: physical education and group sport in every grade.

For the engineering class: first aid and workplace accident prevention.

Extensive teaching of the workplace accident prevention, first aid, and workplace health and security chapters of Adult Education.

We also had success in numerous competitions in both natural sciences and sports.

In 2012, we organized our first competition, the “Széchenyi Natural Sciences” competition. At first it was a city-wide competition, but after a huge success, it became county-wide competition. In the 2014/2015 school year, we organized it as a country-wide competition with huge success.

Most of our coaches are also professionals, so our students tend to reach the podium in country-wide competitions. (eg. Student Olympics)

Our department’s website:

Hungarian and History Department

Head of the Department: Szele Zsófia

Form Teachers Department

Head of the Department: Trexler Ferencné

Adult Education Department

Head of the Department: Horváth Lajos Zoltán deputy headmaster

Parental Department

Head of the Department: Kiss Virág

The school’s Parental Department Board is a democratically elected Parental Department. Since more than 50% of the students’ parents voted for the creation of this department, the Parental Department is entitled to represent the parents in its proceedings.

The Parental Department’s rights:

They can observe:

  • the enforcement of students’ rights
  • the realization of the Teaching Program
  • the efficiency of the teachers’ and educators’ work

They can request information about:

  • the problems that can arise in class communities.

In the absence of the school board they have the same rights as the schoolboard.

They can exercise Consent and Review rights based on public education law, according to the following:

  • Consent right: (SZMSZ, School rules, Teaching Program)
  • Review right: questions concerning the students

Keeping in contact with the Parental Department Board

The headmaster invites the Parental Department Board to a meeting at least twice every school year with the help of the teacher who keeps in contact with the department. The headmaster gives an official statement about ongoing jobs and activities in the school and listens to the concerns and advice of the Department Board.

In other cases, the members of the board can meet with the headmaster at pre-arranged dates and discuss their concerns and advice.