1939/1940 – The first school year begins at the Magyar Királyi Gróf Széchenyi István Secondary Technical School. During this time, all buildings in the lot were part of the school, and the building in front of the school was a dormitory for the students.

1944 – A bomb hits the caretaker’s apartment that is located on the school grounds. However, there were no lessons in the school at the time since most of the teachers were fighting on the frontlines.

1945-47 – The Soviets convert the school into a hospital.

1950 – The school is renamed to 18-as számú Gépipari Szakközépiskola and continues to operate under its new name until 1955.

1951 – A new wing is added to the workshop. Students take part in the construction and furnishing, and they also make tools and machines for the building.

1955 – The school is named after Ságvári Endre, a communist martyr. Technical education begins.

1959 – Along with mechanical education, communications industry education also begins with help from the Videoton Factory.

1969 – The construction of the main building’s 3rd floor is finished, which partially makes up for the buildings that were ’lost’ after the foundation of Kandó Kálmán College.

1972 – The construction of the school’s gym is officially finished.

1974 – Information technology education begins, with night and correspondence courses.

1990 – The school receives its original name back and is now called Gróf Széchenyi István Secondary Technical School.

1991 – The Széchenyi statue made by Nagy Benedek is officially given to the school. In May of 1991, the school wins a place in the Human Resources Development program, which is supported by World Loan. The program was created to help develop professional education for youth.

2002 – After the workshop’s attic is furnished, the computer labs are moved to a new and more modern room.

2004 – Billingual education starts. For a few years there are experimental sports information technology and German language preparation classes.

2007 – Széchenyi-TISZK is founded in order to support professional education. The basement is renovated.

2013 – The School is renamed to Székesfehérvári Széchenyi István Secondary Technical School.

2015 – The school’s new maintainer is Székesfehérvári SzC, and the school is renamed to Székesfehérvári SzC Széchenyi István Secondary Technical School.